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From Newbs to Bosses: A Technology Blog

In the tech world, the word "newb" is often used to mean novice, and similarly, words such as beast or boss mean veteran or expert. Are you a "newb" in the tech world? If so, I would love to help you advance to the boss level. In this blog, I am going to write about all kinds of technology. I hope to start with basic posts and work to more advanced information, and I hope that approach works for you and that all of your questions get answered. I used to head an IT department, but recently, I have decided to pursue a career in teaching. Whilst I am in school, I hope to augment my studies with side projects like this blog. My name is Kendahl, and thank you for reading!


Security Doors: 4 Benefits They Bring to Your Property

If you are considering installing security doors on your property, you may be wondering about the benefits of doing so. Below are 4 reasons security doors are a good idea.

Security doors offer protection against property crime

While you might think you live in a nice part of town or that property crime is something that happens to other people, the reality is that property crime is a very common crime. It can range from the theft of your belongings to vandalism and damage carried out to the property itself. A security door greatly reduces the chance that you will be a victim of property crime. Security doors can help to protect valuable equipment such as computers and TVs.

Security doors can help to reduce your insurance premium

The cost of home insurance only ever seems to increase. However, because they greatly reduce the chance that you will be a victim of property crime, installing added security features such as reinforced security doors could help you to save money on your home insurance premium. Contact your insurance company and explain you are adding security features to your home and inquire about receiving a discount.

Security doors add value to your home

As well as helping to protect and secure your home, security doors can also increase its value. When you are looking to sell your home, added features such as security doors can help to boost the estimated value of your property. Gone are the days when a security door was nothing more than an ugly piece of metal. Modern security doors are now available in a wide range of colours and designs, which means that they can enhance the look of your property and boost its kerb appeal.

Security doors protect your home from extreme weather

The truth is, thieves are not the only thing which threatens your property. The high winds associated with typhoon storms can dislodge debris and blow it at great speed into your property. A reinforced security door can withstand a greater amount of damage compared to a standard door, which means your home will be protected during extreme weather events. For further protection, you may consider having security shutters added to your windows.

If you are considering installing security doors in your home, you should contact a professional security door service who will be able to offer help and assistance before carrying out any installation and maintenance work.