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From Newbs to Bosses: A Technology Blog

In the tech world, the word "newb" is often used to mean novice, and similarly, words such as beast or boss mean veteran or expert. Are you a "newb" in the tech world? If so, I would love to help you advance to the boss level. In this blog, I am going to write about all kinds of technology. I hope to start with basic posts and work to more advanced information, and I hope that approach works for you and that all of your questions get answered. I used to head an IT department, but recently, I have decided to pursue a career in teaching. Whilst I am in school, I hope to augment my studies with side projects like this blog. My name is Kendahl, and thank you for reading!


Assessing Your Network Cabling and Wiring Needs

Numerous factors come to play when choosing a conveyance media for your cabling installation, but your current bandwidth requirements are the most crucial — then your budget, networking environment and future bandwidth needs. In this guide, you will learn in detail the requirements aforementioned.

Determine the amount of current network bandwidth you need

Your main concern should be finding the right cabling for your current network bandwidth needs. This figure is based on the number of stations connected to your network, so it varies a lot. For instance, a network of 15 work centres has lower bandwidth needs than a network of 200 work centres. Also, you should factor in future growth when it comes to the size of the network. If you expect to double your staff in the next three years, then expect your network bandwidth needs to increase as well. That's not all; you need to think about the type and volume of information traffic that will be supported by your network.

Determine your future bandwidth needs.

Many Australians don't think about the future growth of their businesses or introducing a new product in relation to future bandwidth needs. Without making the assessment of future bandwidth needs, you may end up spending a lot of money. Sadly, the process of estimating future bandwidth is way too speculative and complicated. Typically, increasing the number of employees in your company would lead to an increase in network bandwidth requirements. It is not simple. Take into account some of your staff members might be copywriters or web developers who have a high bandwidth demand. On the same note, hiring new sales personnel means improving the quality of communication between them and the customers through web-based CRM.

Think about the network environment.

The network environment is equally important as it determines the type of cabling the company requires. Most businesses use optic fibre because of its speed but it is affected by certain environments which may prevent its installation and implementation. Unlike other cables, such as copper cables (Cat 5), optic fibre transmission is greatly compromised by scratches and dirt on the fibres. This may be brought about by dusty mechanical rooms, equipment or any unfriendly environment to fibre tech. In such situations, the best solution is usually copper mediums.

Network cabling and wiring need a lot of caution when handling. You have to factor in the above aspects if you want to have a smooth-running network. Talk to a company like One Step Ahead Communications to learn more.