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From Newbs to Bosses: A Technology Blog

In the tech world, the word "newb" is often used to mean novice, and similarly, words such as beast or boss mean veteran or expert. Are you a "newb" in the tech world? If so, I would love to help you advance to the boss level. In this blog, I am going to write about all kinds of technology. I hope to start with basic posts and work to more advanced information, and I hope that approach works for you and that all of your questions get answered. I used to head an IT department, but recently, I have decided to pursue a career in teaching. Whilst I am in school, I hope to augment my studies with side projects like this blog. My name is Kendahl, and thank you for reading!



How Neglecting Copier Repairs Can Actually Cost You Money

As a business owner, you may not want to spend any money on copy repairs unless the machines in your office have absolutely stopped working, but neglecting these repairs can be a mistake. If your machines are not repaired when needed, they can actually stop working right in the middle of a big copy job and this can be a problem for your customers or clients who are waiting on a proposal or other such documents. Read More 

New Class Bulleting Board? Here’s What To Remember

Teaching practice gives those training to become nursery school teachers an opportunity to have a real-life classroom experience. The layout and general design that a nursery school teacher chooses for their class bulletin boards has a profound impact on the effectiveness of this learning aid. This article provides three tips in relation to the use of class bulletin boards. These tips would be useful to a trainee teacher-on-practice looking to impress their supervisors during their assessment. Read More