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How Neglecting Copier Repairs Can Actually Cost You Money

As a business owner, you may not want to spend any money on copy repairs unless the machines in your office have absolutely stopped working, but neglecting these repairs can be a mistake. If your machines are not repaired when needed, they can actually stop working right in the middle of a big copy job and this can be a problem for your customers or clients who are waiting on a proposal or other such documents. It can also be costly to neglect those repairs as needed; note how and why copiers that need work are costing your business so you know to get them repaired as soon as needed.

Wasted supplies

One common reason for a copier to leave smudges and streaks on copies is that it has a leak in the drum that holds toner. As this toner leaks out, it then leaves those smudges and streaks. This is just wasting toner, and may find that your staff runs the copies again and again, trying to get a clean copy; in turn, they're wasting paper. Having the drum replaced or fixed can be a much more affordable solution.

When a copier breaks, your staff might print copies of documents on the desktop printer rather than making copies. The supplies for a desktop printer are often more expensive, as they're usually not meant to handle large print or copy jobs. This too can mean money wasted on those supplies.

Wasted electricity

When a copier is struggling to work because of a defective drum or because the rollers inside are damaged, it may need to pull more power in order to keep those parts moving along. In turn, you're actually wasting electricity by not having those parts replaced or repaired as needed. The more copiers you have in the office that need repairs and the more often you use them, the more money you're wasting on your utility costs.

Wasted time

If your staff spends far too much time at the copier, trying to clear persistent paper jams and wipe down rollers that actually need changing and replacing, this is time they could be spending servicing your customers or otherwise improving your company's bottom line. If your copiers break down suddenly and you have a large copy job to finish, you might spend more money on sending that job to a print shop and then either having a staff member pick it up or having it delivered once it's finished. Keeping your own copiers in good repair is often a more cost-effective solution.

If it's beena while since you had your copier looked at, contact a company that specializes in photocopier repairs to schedule an inspection.