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In the tech world, the word "newb" is often used to mean novice, and similarly, words such as beast or boss mean veteran or expert. Are you a "newb" in the tech world? If so, I would love to help you advance to the boss level. In this blog, I am going to write about all kinds of technology. I hope to start with basic posts and work to more advanced information, and I hope that approach works for you and that all of your questions get answered. I used to head an IT department, but recently, I have decided to pursue a career in teaching. Whilst I am in school, I hope to augment my studies with side projects like this blog. My name is Kendahl, and thank you for reading!


Important Points to Remember When Hiring Audio-visual Equipment

Great visuals that are backed up with high-quality audio components are critical to the success of corporate events. Whether it is a sales presentation or a new product launch, a great audio-visual experience is much more likely to get the audience engaged. It is because sound and visual systems are the cornerstones of any presentation, and that is why many firms hire the best audio-visual equipment. However, there are a few things you are likely to forget when hiring audio-visual equipment. Considering these aspects goes a long way towards enhancing the impact of audio-visual equipment.

Do not Rely on the Venue's Internet Service -- According to event managers, even the best audio-visual equipment in the market cannot make for a lousy internet connection. Therefore, a spotty internet connection will negatively affect an entire event despite having the latest audio-visual equipment. It can be a problem if you need to download information from the internet. Moreover, a patchy internet connection creates a feeling that the entire audio-visual system is faulty, which isn't the case in most instances. One way to get around the problem is to ask presenters to take screenshots of possible content that they might want to download at the venue. It makes it easy to retrieve the information -- or related information -- if access to the internet is limited.

Match Power Cords Quality to Expected Foot Traffic -- If an event is being held in a big venue, and you expect a big audience, you need to be careful regarding the grade of the power cord to accessorise your audio-visual equipment. It is because significant events are much more likely to experience huge turnouts and high foot traffic. Consequently, people will be stepping in the power cords as they walk around the venue. Therefore, it is vital to equip yourself with heavy-duty power cables that can withstand such an environment. If you go with inexpensive low-duty power cable, the chances of AV equipment damage is high.

Hire Technician for AV System Installation -- As mentioned earlier, the only way to get the attention of an audience in events is by using quality audio-visual equipment. You can effectively achieve this by hiring some of the latest AV systems with the latest technologies. However, these audio-visual systems aren't the easiest to install; hence, you stand a high chance of failure if you go about the installation process by yourself. It is because you might not understand some of the new technologies that come with the latest AV equipment. Therefore, most rental companies offer a technician as part of the contract, but it is usually a free choice. Although it might incur an additional cost, you will benefit from professional installation.